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About me

On this web page, you will discover my story, there where everything began ...

My name is Pamella Villeneuve and I am an enthusiast of dogs since my childhood. I always lived with them. When I was young, I had this impression to understand them, just with a single glance. I felt good together with a canine.

I had my first dog at the age of my 2 and a half years old, approximately. He named Prince. I don't really know the race which is, it could be a mixed Poodle or other.

Here is a photo of me and him.

I didn't know why, not how, but sure matter I adored dogs.

Until today, I had several dogs of many breeds. Labrador Retriever, Siberian Husky, Shih-Tzu, Cané Corso, and several mixed. But the only breed which attracted me the most, it is the German Shepherd Dog. Here is maintaining my own story with this breed ...

1989 : happy to meet you, dear German Shepherd Dog breed !

At the age of 4 years old, in 1989, I knew my first German Shepherd Dog. She named Éka, of her name registered with the CKC. But my father preferred to renamed her Princess. It was good for her. She lived 10 years with us. Princess was a wonderful female with a fabulous character. A foreigner should not come along on its territory without permission, because she became very territorial ! She protected us and defended us until her quite last breath, such a real German Shepherd ! Nothing resisted her and nothing frightened her ! In her, it reigned such a German power as she impressed all people who visited us. She was very brave and strong !

This is a picture of Princesse

At her death, in 1999, I was too sad to take another German Shepherd Dog. I wanted a dog of another breed. My mother agreed with me, but not my father who, him, has refused categorically, without discussions ! He wanted another German Shepherd Dog. He began its searches to welcome a new dog in our house. In this time, I didn't understand for which reasons my father was so devoted to this breed of dog. We had pleasure with Princess, certainly, but why to want so another dog of this breed ?

1999 : enlarge knowledge ...

One week later, my  father
received a phone call. It was the morning, at about 8:00 am. A lady say him that a llitter, at St-Thomas-de-Caxton, is ready to leave in their new family. Having hung up, my father announces me that we leave to fetch this new companion, who was soon going to take part in our family. I did not still agree with the choice of the breed. I wanted no more German Shepherd Dog. But, having no choice to accept, I took place in the car.

Arrived at the breeding, a shepherd puppy came directly towards me, to welcome me warmly. Why I ? We were all the same me, my sister, my father and my mother. She choose me ! I just took her in my arms, looked at her eyes and I chose her. I wanted to name her Kiara, but my parents refused. After reflexion, we gave her the name of Éka, in honour of our dear last missing. From this moment, the German Shepherd Dog took a place more than very important in my life !

I was 13-year-old when I had Éka, our second copy of the breed. She had then 7 weeks old. A beautiful female, but she wasn't purebred because she had no Pedigree. She had either no German morphology, but nothing prevented that she had some German blood which flowed (sank) into its veins, due to her character. It's because of her temperamment that she got closer of her breed.

Éka chiot
Here is a photo of her while it was only a puppy.

Éka Adulte
Here she as an adult.

For me, Éka was my best friend. She showed a loyalty in any ways ! She lived almost 9 years with us. She died on December 14th, 2007. With this female, I learnt much more about the breed and now, I know why my father liked so much this breed. Henceforth, I know what represents the German Shepherd Dog for us, for me now. With this breed by my side, I feel complete, because I make a whole soul with this dog ! Éka made me many things understand, on dogs at first, and on myself then. She made me discover, in me, my real passion for her breed.

When she died, I have her do a promise : continuing her breed, in her honour ! Effectively, everything is not ended for me. In a moved closer future, I shall continue the breed of the German Shepherd Dog.

2011 : the decisive year

It is May 9th 2011 which my third copy of the breed entered in my life ! Arrived by airplane of its country of origin, Germany, Florie (or Flora, of its usual name), adapted herself at once to the life in Quebec and to her new mistress (teacher) ! Black and tan color (exactly black and brown), this female possesses the well-balanced and brave character of the breed, a very good German morphology and capacities of easely learning ! It pleases me to share you a photography of this female and I, at the Airport Cargo Canada, of the city of Dorval in Québec, on May 9th, 2011, below.


Of very meaning and very curious temperamment, Flora learnt and discovered the world and her marvels very quickly. As she grew, I wrote my memoirs and my anectodes in a book, to mark its passage in my life. Here is another photo of her, the same day of its arrival to Quebec.

Flora 297

Flora is my first subject with whom I practised my theory where we have to begin the training only after the first hot season of a female (or after the male raised the leg, which marks the puberty). My theory thus showed itself rather decisive and more very positive.

So, this female was the first one with whom I began to feed my dogs with only meat (Raw Food). Before it, my equipments house did not allow it for. Since her arrival, I didn't stop feeding her with meats of all kinds and, believe in me, feed a dog with the meat, it's as easy as say Hello ! And so better health and energy !

Thank you for your visit on my Web site ! :-)

Pamella Villeneuve
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